CEO's Message

Shin Myung Pack Co. Ltd, under the company philosophy of "To the basics", produces packaging products for food,
pharmaceuticals and detergents based on consistent investment in facilities and product development with the hearts of all the
executives and employees as one.

Moreover, the business area was expanded into retort pouches from 2005 and
the company is gaining trust in this industry as a result of striving to develop new products
and to enhance the quality.

Shin Myung Pack will become your partner with the best design and packaging for the
products of your company by giving new life to the products, in this era where marketing
competition is becoming fierce day by day. Furthermore, as a sincere companion to your company,
we will pursue accompanied growth together with you.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers both at home and abroad
for the unchanging support that you have shown to Shin Myung Pack for many years.

CEO  Kim, Cheol Ho